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Technology and productivity consulting


Housing system development

Industrialization of construction

Conmex Oy Ltd


Conmex Oy Ltd is1989 founded consulting and marketing company for industrial construction and technology. Mr. Pertti Nieminen has over 35 years experience in large housing projects in Finland, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, Burma, South Africa, Colombia and USA.

We specialize in concrete industry such as:

Machinery and equipment of concrete products

Moulds for all concrete product machines

Concrete construction machinery

Hollow-core extruders and precast element moulds

 Fibreconcrete products

System formwork for in-situ casting

Housing system development

As asignment of the client we find the best machinery and equipment solution for their needs.

We make productivity and feasibility calculations

We simulate the construction cost of different construction solutions.





Pertti Nieminen, MD



Maisterinkatu 9, 15100 Lahti

tel. 0400 350124